Volunteer Opportunities

York County Audubon is an all volunteer organization. We can always use some extra help. If you could devote time to any of these projects, please contact the coordinator. Thank you!

  1. Field Trip Leaders: We always welcome new leaders for our free monthly field trips. You don’t need to be an expert to guide a group and we’re happy to have you join a mentor until you’re comfortable leading a group on your own. Please call Joanne at 883-6475.
  2. Field Trip Coordination Assistance: Each field trip depends upon someone to answer questions about when and where the group is meeting, what to bring along, and how we can carpool. We also appreciate a brief write-up for the newsletter so members know about what is seen. There is always a leader who knows the birds and the area to be visited. He or she is responsible for the conduct of the trip, but appreciates assistance with the logistics. If you are coming along for a trip and could provide support services, please call Pat Moynahan at 284-5487.
  3. Bird Seed Sale – November: Do you like meeting people? Do you have a strong back? Help load bird seed purchases into cars during our annual sale held at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm. If you can offer a few hours of help, please call Joanie Junker at 967-2394.
  4. Are you a computer whiz? Marian Zimmerman would like to talk with you at 284-5487.
  5. Do you have an organization that would like to have someone present a birding program to the membership? Marie Jordan would be happy to work with you to arrange something. Call her at 799-1408.
  6. Piping Plover

    Piping Plover in Scarborough. Photo by Marie Jordan.

    Do you want to help with our summer programs for kids? Call Pat Moynahan at 284-5487 or Monica Grabin at 985-3342.

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