Birds, “Birdsongs” and Mr. Barry – May 5th

William Edward Barry, who lived from 1846 to 1932, was a man of many interests. Among them were natural history and ornithology. Although an amateur, he kept careful notebooks with beautiful line drawings of the things he saw.  He also collected and stuffed bird specimens which he found around Kennebunk.  The Brick Store Museum has, among its collections, cases of Barry’s mounted birds, many of which have never been exhibited, nor identified.  A current small exhibit of William Barry’s work will be ending in early May.  As a closing celebration, the Museum, with the help of York County Audubon, will have a public viewing of all of Barry’s birds, a quiz on bird identification, and a concert by Monica Grabin called “Birdsongs.”

Monica Grabin

Before Tuesday’s event, Maine Audubon staff naturalist and York County Audubon Board member Doug Hitchcox will ID the birds, and then all you local bird watchers will have a chance to test your skills.  It can be tricky, since some of the specimens are faded with time.  Cynthia Walker will give a brief talk about William Barry’s life and the Museum’s collection, and then Monica Grabin will finish the evening with “Birdsongs.” The concert is a look at songs we sing about birds, and some songs she has written which poke a little fun at our efforts to get to know them better. It’s entertaining, and informational, too.

This is the first time York County Audubon has partnered with the Brick Store Museum in an event, and we’re delighted to be able to do so. We hope you’ll come join us!  The program will start at 7 p.m. and will be held in the Museum’s Program Center at 4 Dane Street in Kennebunk.  Tickets are $8 per person, or $4 for members of the Museum or York County Audubon.

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