A Trip through Time with the Birds of Lake Umbagog – September 15th

A Trip through Time with the Birds of Lake Umbagog by biologist Bob Quinn of Merlin Enterprises Eco-tours.    See the dramatic scenery of this remote area as Bob discusses some fascinating changes in Umbagog’s bird life over the last 140 years.  William Brewster, the paragon of 19th century field ornithologists, description of Umbagog  “…like many a precious stone, has beauty and charm due to the effectiveness of its perfect setting ….” is still fitting.  The program will include information on the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and efforts to protect this dazzling northern lake and the surrounding forests.  This program is perfect for the wildlife enthusiast, birders, and anyone wanting to explore a little known corner of New England.  The program will be held in the Mather Auditorium at the Wells Reserve at 7 p.m.  Pictured below:  Black-backed woodpecker, Gray Jay and Lake Umbagog.

Umbagog Black backed - Copy   Umbagog gray jay - Copy

Umbagog image004       Umbagog image002 - Copy

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