The State of Maine’s Loons – with “The Birdist” Nick Lund – Tuesday, November 19th

The Common Loon is an iconic denizen and for many epitomizes a Maine summer. But how well do you actually know the Common Loon?  Do they migrate?  What do they eat? How long do they live?  How many Common Loons are there? Why are loons important?

This program will start with an in-depth look at the physiology and habits of the Common Loon, including how its body is built to be an effective underwater hunter, and the timing of its arrival on Maine breeding lakes. We will also take a look at the threats faced by loons.

Nick Lund is Maine Audubon’s Network and Outreach Manager. A Maine native and well known birder, he writes for publications like Audubon, Slate, Down East, and National Geographic.  On the web many follow his entertaining posts about birds and birding at “The Birdist”.

Maine Audubon has worked for more than 35 years to count loons in the state, and to examine the causes of loon mortality. This information has helped inform policies necessary to protect loons and ensure that their calls echo across Maine lakes for years to come.

This program will be held in the Mather Auditorium of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm. This program is free and open to the public, and starts at 7 p.m.  Come early for social time and refreshments.

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