Bird Day Draws a Crowd

Bill Grabin and Betsy Stevens check their wingspans.

Bill Grabin and Betsy Stevens check their wingspans against a banner showing species from around the world.

The Birding Challenge dovetailed nicely with an International Migratory Bird Day event held at the Wells Reserve on May 14. June Ficker and her bird-banding crew set up in the Laudholm barn, demonstrating their data-gathering procedures for curious onlookers. Their several captures included eastern wood-pewee and northern waterthrush. At the other end of the barn, a dozen kids put together free nest boxes while young brothers and sisters worked on cute bird crafts.

Outside, several people went on a bird walk that netted a nice list of warblers in addition to a white-eyed vireo and dozens of other species. Throughout the morning, an oversize checklist showed visitors what birds had been seen that day at the Wells Reserve and, thanks to call-ins from Birding Challenge teams, what had been found throughout York County.

The Center for Wildlife arrived just after noon to introduce families to hawk and owl “ambassadors,” non-releasable raptors cared for at the Cape Neddick rehabilitation facility.

Altogether, some 150 people attended Bird Day, one of several such events around the state supported by a grant from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund.

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I've been birding since I was ten and always enjoy being aware of the avian life surrounding me wherever I go. I've had the good fortune of studying and monitoring birds in some far-flung places, though most of my birding lately has been concentrated at two sites: home and work.
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