Quest for 300

How many bird species can be seen in York County in a single year? A dedicated birder can tally 200 or more with reasonable effort, but what if a bunch of birders ranging from casual watchers to serious listers contributed to a single collective list? They have, on eBird, and the 2010 total was 298. [Edit: Not so fast! See my followup on what eBird counts as “species.”] is a real-time online checklist program launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. It makes vast numbers of bird observations accessible and usable. We’re watching the monthly lists for York County and will report what we find in The Harlequin. Watch the next issue to learn how you can share your bird records.

About Scott

I've been birding since I was ten and always enjoy being aware of the avian life surrounding me wherever I go. I've had the good fortune of studying and monitoring birds in some far-flung places, though most of my birding lately has been concentrated at two sites: home and work.
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