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Mercury in Ecosystems of the Northeast: Songbirds as Sentinels of Contamination

Mather Auditorium, Wells Reserve at Laudholm Presented by Evan Adams, Migratory Bird Program Director at the Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) … Continue reading

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Epic Journeys: Tracking the Migrations of Shorebirds in the Western Hemisphere

Mather Auditorium, Wells Reserve at Laudholm All are welcome to the YCAS board meeting, to be held at 5pm before … Continue reading

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The Joy of Birding… Why Birds Do What They Do

Mather Auditorium, Wells Reserve at Laudholm We all remember when some aspect of bird behavior caught our attention. Naturalist, educator … Continue reading

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Stratton Island: Maine’s Most Diverse Waterbird Colony

Mather Auditorium, Wells Reserve at Laudholm Did you know Maine’s most diverse waterbird colony sits right in Saco Bay, at … Continue reading

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YCAS Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be held at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, 7 Gravelly Brook Road, Kennebunkport.

  • 6:45pm: Annual Business Meeting
  • 7:00pm: Social Time & Refreshments
  • 7:30pm: Program — Songbird Migration in the Gulf of Maine: Past, Present, and Future

For our program, Rebecca Holberton and Adrienne Leppold from the University of Maine Laboratory of Avian Biology will help us to see how what happens in the Gulf of Maine affects us, our birds, and other wildlife.

One of the nation’s leading bird biologists, Rebecca Holberton, and her graduate student Adrienne Leppold have discovered a ton of new information about Maine’s songbird migration. Information gathered by a cooperative of Canadian and U.S. nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and university researchers have been shedding light on the routes our birds use. Tonight we will learn the amazing story of the discovery of a superhighway for songbirds migrating between Canada and South America and what it implies for the future.

The meeting and program are free, but reservations are required before June 1. Please call 207-967-4486 or email davidd@roadrunner.com to reserve your spot.

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From Cosmos to the Back Yard

Internationally known for his amazing photos of the night sky, Kirk Rogers also takes beautiful photos of birds and wildlife. … Continue reading

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Grassland Birds in New England: Causes of Decline and Reasons to be Optimistic

How do we explain the disappearance of Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, and other birds of our farmlands? Dr. Noah Perlut will explore the life histories of resident grassland species and discuss how their ecology is affected by agricultural management. He will also describe diverse management options that can benefit both land managers and birds.

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