Myths and Truths about Bats – Bat Conservation and Biology

9/20, Tuesday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Bat BRI 2

There are more than 1,300 known species of bats, comprising nearly a quarter of all mammal species on earth.  These unique creatures are at the center of some of today’s most pressing ecological issues, yet are still held in fear by some, and misunderstood by many. Old wives’ tales and folklore, such as that bats suck blood, get into your hair, or they are blind, are in need of an update.  Our September program:  Myths and Truths about Bats – Bat Conservation and Biology presented by David Bates.

BRI - David-Yates

David Yates is the Mammal Program Director at the Biodiversity Research Institute in Portland.  Since its inception, David Yates has been a wildlife biologist at BRI, doing research on our bats and other mammals.  He will share his extensive knowledge of bats’ role in the ecosystem, their habits, and the latest science about their health and future, as well as answer all your bat-ty questions.  Join York County Audubon in learning about these fascinating and important members of our wildlife community.



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