Sept 16, 2014 Program: All about Bluebirds

bluebird MJ 3JRogers14bluebird MJ

  • Program to be presented in the Mather Auditorium at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm
  • Come early to socialize
  • Come earlier to sit in on the Board Meeting
  • Program is free and open to the public, and starts at 7 p.m.

John Rogers has maintained a trail of bluebird nest boxes for 4 decades and has fledged over 13,000 Bluebirds in boxes he personally monitors.  His presentation includes the life history of the Eastern Bluebird, other birds that nest in Bluebird boxes, and nest box management. The focus is on Bluebirds, but John also shares his passion for the natural world.  The program has variety, feeling, and is thought provoking.  With beautiful photographs, sounds, and an enthusiastic presentation style, this program is of interest to anyone who appreciates nature.


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