Why do We Need Carnivores Anyway? Tuesday, April 26th

Geri Vistein is a conservation biologist whose work focuses on Maine carnivores and our relationship with them.  She is a terrific speaker whose informative program will better educate us on the role carnivores play in our ecosystem and help us become more knowledgeable about their ecology.  You will discover connections that will leave you in awe.  We should take away with a better understanding of the value of carnivores in the Maine landscape and gain in our ability to practice coexistence skills.  FMI:  http://www.coyotelivesinmaine.com/coyote/meet-the-scientist/

York County Audubon programs are held at 7 p.m. in the Mather Auditorium at the Wells Reserve.  There’s no charge and all are welcome!  No reservations required.  [Please note: our program meetings are usually on the third Tuesday of the month, but this one is on the fourth Tuesday!]

Coyotes - Pierre Giard


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