Epic Journeys: Tracking the Migrations of Shorebirds in the Western Hemisphere

Mather Auditorium, Wells Reserve at Laudholm

All are welcome to the YCAS board meeting, to be held at 5pm before the monthly program.

A film by Shawn Carey and Jim Grady of Migration Productions.

Each year millions of shorebirds make an amazing round-trip journey between the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Migration Productions’ newest video, “Epic Journeys,” looks at three shorebird species—Red Knot, Piping Plover and Semipalmated Sandpiper—and the challenges these species face during each of their monumental annual treks. Interviews and footage were shot on Plymouth Beach MA, the Bay of Fundy in Canada, and Cape May NJ. Migration Productions asks burning questions: What is being done to help protect these shorebirds and their habitat? How can the public help with their conservation? Co-sponsored by the Wells Reserve, this promises to be an outstanding program.

About Harlequin

Harlequin is a pseudonym for content not attributed to a specific author. It echoes the name of the YCAS newsletter, The Harlequin. Watch for Harlequin Ducks along the rocky portions of the York County coast in winter. ¶ The avatar is by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, who sketched and painted the species during the Harriman Alaska Expedition. ¶ "When we got before the glacier, I saw my first pair of harlequins... the glass showed them plainly to be a ♂ + ♀ histrionicus." — L.A. Fuertes, June 7, 1899
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