Meet Our New Board Members

Scott Richardson and Bill & Monica Grabin with David Shackelford (speaker at the 2010 annual meeting)

Monica Grabin is a musician and educator. She is the creator of historical programs called “Singing History,” which she has presented for thousands of students and many libraries, museums and other organizations throughout New England since 1986. These programs use authentic songs and stories to teach about many aspects of American history. She is a featured artist with the Maine Arts Commission’s Touring Artists and Arts in Education Programs, and the New England Foundation for the Arts. She is also an avid birder and amateur naturalist. She and her husband, Bill, have spent countless hours in the Maine woods and across America hiking, birding, and appreciating the wonders of our natural world.

Bill Grabin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1970 with a degree in natural science, and has maintained a great appreciation for the outdoors since hiking and camping in many of the national parks during his college years. He is proud to have been a co-founder of Renaissance Greeting Cards, the first major greeting card publisher to produce its complete line on recycled paper. He served as a Director of the Kennebunk Land Trust for ten years, including three years as President. He moved to Maine in 1981 with his wife Monica and their two children, Gabe and Brenna.

Scott Richardson’s childhood fascination in birds grew stronger over the years thanks to patient mentors and a supportive family. By the time he moved to Maine, at 20, birding had become a serious hobby. A few years later, he began formally studying natural history with a focus in ornithology. During the 1990s, he surveyed birds in Washington, Alaska, Hawai`i, and Maine; wrote recovery plans and status reports as a state endangered species biologist; and became enthusiastic about citizen science. For the past 10 years, he has had a key role in spreading the word about York County’s incredible Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve and its vital nonprofit partner, Laudholm Trust.

About Harlequin

Harlequin is a pseudonym for content not attributed to a specific author. It echoes the name of the YCAS newsletter, The Harlequin. Watch for Harlequin Ducks along the rocky portions of the York County coast in winter. ¶ The avatar is by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, who sketched and painted the species during the Harriman Alaska Expedition. ¶ "When we got before the glacier, I saw my first pair of harlequins... the glass showed them plainly to be a ♂ + ♀ histrionicus." — L.A. Fuertes, June 7, 1899
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