Berwick: Tuckahoe Turf Farm

Many acres of well kept turf, along with broad weed patches and sections of harvested and furrowed soil, make the Tuckahoe Turf Farm a unique birding spot. This farm is PRIVATE PROPERTY, but the owner allows birdwatchers to visit under the specific conditions below. Respect the owner’s wishes and this site will reward you and others with some great birding.


305 Hubbard Road

Site Rules

  4. Keep out of the way of farm workers. Most roads are single lane, so make sure you can get to the other end without meeting a farm vehicle; if you come upon one, back up to a safe pullout.
  5. You may walk anywhere you wish.
  6. If you report a rare bird, make clear that rarity-chasers must park on Ridlon Road, which is on the east side of the farm.

Recommended Approach

When coming off Hubbard Road, travel about 0.2 mile and turn right. This will take you a place with high weeds and safe places to park. If farm workers are in that area, don’t turn down that road; continue on the entry road another 0.2 mile and park out of the way on the edge of the intersection.

Weekends are generally better than weekdays. During the week, farm activities tend to scatter the birds.

After heavy rains, roads on the north end can be muddy and deep. You do not want to get stuck.

What to Expect

Geese; shorebirds including golden-plovers, buff-breasted sandpipers, and other prairie/grassland species; horned larks, snow buntings, and other open-country species. Tuckahoe Turf Farm was the site of a Northern Lapwing appearance in 2012.

Thanks to Andrew Aldrich for sharing with maine-birds.

2 Responses to Berwick: Tuckahoe Turf Farm

  1. jennifer fox says:

    Looking for information on ducks in near the GWRLT Tuckahoe Reserve. In particular any observations of black ducks or wood ducks. thanks.

  2. Andrew Aldrich says:

    jennifer, the easiest way to track where birds are, is to go to eBird. Go to explore data and you can do a search for the bird you want and the time frame and location. Or in this case you can go to hotspots and open up the hotspot for Tuckahoe Perserve.

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