Histrionicus histrionicus drake at Barnegat by Peter Massaslow CC BY-SA 2.0How many bird species can be seen in York County in a single year? A dedicated birder can tally 200 or more with reasonable effort, but what if a bunch of birders ranging from casual watchers to serious listers contributed to a single collective list?

That’s the question behind the Quest for 300. Back in 2011, we wondered if it was even possible for such a single-year tally to occur in York County alone, but on our second year trying we made it. We have continued tracking each year, because birds are unpredictable.

Originally, we monitored eBird, maine-birds, and our comments section to update the list, keeping records in a separate spreadsheet. In 2018, we began relying upon eBird’s tally. Over time, we’ve seen eBird annual totals rise and fall with taxonomic splits and lumps… and as more birders catch up on entering old checklists.¬†Our latest update was done January 28, 2024.